About us

Paym (pronounced “Pay-em”) is the UK’s mobile payments service, offered by seventeen banks and building societies. You can use it to pay friends, family and small businesses using just their mobile number – no sort code or account number needed.
Paym is run by the Mobile Payments Service Company Limited (MPSCo), a company limited by guarantee. The Paym service is offered directly to customers by Payment Service Providers that are participants in MPSCo.
Paym has been recognised as ‘Industry achievement of the year’ and ‘Industry innovation of the year’ at the Card and Payment Awards, and ‘Best payments initiative’ at the Financial World Innovation awards.

Contact us

For personal enquiries relating to the service or a payment you have made, please contact your bank or building society. Unfortunately Paym.co.uk cannot access information about any individual’s customer registration status or payment details. For general enquiries, please fill out the form below or take a look at our FAQs.

Press releases & enquiries

For press releases go to Paym news and media. For all press enquiries please contact press@paym.org.uk

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