How does it work?

Using Paym couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to get started.
First things first, you need to register your mobile number to the current account you want payments made into. But don’t worry, that’s easy.
To register, simply link through to your bank or building society from the ‘How to register’ page.
Sending a payment using Paym couldn’t be simpler either, or more secure.
Scroll down to find out how.

The process

To send a payment, just log in to your existing mobile banking or payment app
Select a friend’s number using your contacts or enter a mobile number manually. No sort code or account number needed.
Enter the amount you want to pay. Paym lets you check the name of the person you’re paying, so you can be sure you’re sending it to the right place.
Confirm the name of the person you are paying, press send and your app will confirm your payment has been sent straight away.
And don't forget...
To be the one receiving the money, register your mobile number with your bank or building society.
Paym is designed to be accessed through your bank or building society’s existing mobile banking or payments app, so it couldn’t be easier, and it’s just as quick and secure.
We can only send payments to people who have registered their mobile number with their bank or building society. If you try to send a Paym payment to someone who isn’t registered, we’ll send them a text message automatically to let them know how they can join, to receive payments in future.

 Get Paym

Fifteen banks and building societies offer the Paym service, and more than 3 million people have registered already. Simply select you bank now to join them.
Terms and conditions apply. Contact your bank or building society for more information.

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